Burgs, Mumbai: The Worst Customer Service Experience EVER!

I’ve been at the receiving end of several pathetic customer service experiences…but nothing can compare to what I experienced last evening at Burgs.

Image sourced from http://www.mumbaiboss.com

For those not in the know, Burgs in Bandra, Mumbai is a gourmet burger restaurant that’s all the rage these days. I’ve had colleagues order from there every day, and they love it. Naturally, I wanted to try it for myself.

I dropped in at Burgs last evening with my wife and a friend. My wife and friend placed their orders. I am allergic to raw tomatoes, so I asked for a Desi Murg burger without tomatoes. I was told that the Desi Murg comes with a kachumber which is pre-made and includes tomatoes. Fair enough. So I changed my order to The Burg, a tenderloin burger, and asked them to remove the tomatoes.

At this point, another person at the billing counter pipes up and says, “Sorry sir, we cannot change our recipe, it’s company policy.” 

Me, in shock: “What?” 

Staff: “Sorry sir, we cannot change our recipe, it’s company policy.”

Wife: “Is the tomato a slice or a kachumber?” 

Staff: “Sorry ma’am, we cannot change our recipe, it’s company policy.”

Wife: “My question was, is it a slice or a kachumber?”

Staff: “Slice.”

Wife: “Just don’t put the slice in there.” 

Staff: “Sorry madam, we cannot change our recipe.”

Me: “Are you telling me you cannot take a tomato slice out of a burger?”

Staff: “No sir.”

Me: “I might throw up if I eat it.”

Staff: “Sorry sir, it’s company policy.”

Me: “KFC does it. McDonald’s does it. Any restaurant would.”

Staff: “No sir, we can’t change our recipe.”

I asked for the manager. And this guy then says, “I am only (sic) managing this place.”

That did it. I turned to my wife and friend and we all said, “We’re not eating here.”

We left. Went to KFC. And had a burger with the tomato slice removed before it was served to me. Obviously, without a hitch.

Later that evening we told some friends about it, and they were in shock too. With this one stupid, bull-headed rule, they lost 10 customers. And I hope they lose a billion more.

In this day and age, a company that cannot provide basic customer service doesn’t deserve to exist. Good luck to Burgs, but I don’t think they’ll be around much longer with this sort of attitude.

Update: After a prolonged Twitter conversation involving folks like Roycin D’Souza, Adarsh Munjal, Nik, Mithun K, One Black Coffee and others, Burgs India replied with this gem:

Some people never learn.

Update 2: It is 24 hours after #TomatoGate has happened. Burgs India has now changed their policy to make tomatoes optional. You can read the whole story here.

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